Mobile Friendly

The relaunch of the site is now complete. One of the major goals we achieved was to move away from Adobe Flash, which is unavailable on mobiles, and switch to HTML5 and related technologies.

The current version is mobile friendly and should work equally well on a phone, tablet or PC. We replaced the Flash-based amcharts Stock Chart with the HTML5-SVG-based Highstock. The API for Highstock was particularly simple for us to use.

The site was build using Pelican, a static site generator. This may be surprising since the site has live (or at least recent) data. We achieved this by frequently updating the static site as soon as we update the backend database, which should happen about once a day. So far we have completely avoided using a web application to serve data since this adds substantial complexity and requires attention to avoid security issues. The static site generator produces data files which are just large Javascript arrays and these are served along with pages that contain visualization.

If you experience any difficulties with the new site, please let us know.