Reviews of the subject

Realized volatility

Has a long applied history. The econometrics of realized volatility (Rvol) was formalised by

Impact of noise on Rvol

Various methods have been developed to mitigate the impact of noise. The library uses the realized kernel as that is what we know best.

Realized kernel

There are two other basic ways of reducing the impact of noise which have been formalised



Volatility forecasting using realized quantities

One of the most significant areas of use of realized measures is in forecast the volatility of financial assets. Here are some papers on this topics

Economic uses of realised volatility

A new research area is to explain excess returns by looking at volatility risk. The leading paper on this is

Other topics

Realised measures have allowed researchers to nonparametrically analyse jumps in financial data for the first time. The rests indicate there are many more jumps than had been previously thought. The early papers on this topic were

Other papers connected to realized measures

We are happy to add links to other papers on realized measures here, email one of the curators

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